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De deelnemers


Op 28 september mogen wij vertrekken naar Nepal!
Hier kun je lezen wie wij zijn:



My name is Ine Nelen. I am 48 years old and married with Ludie.

Since almost 5 years I am working as Deputy Director at the Mytylschool. From the beginning I am involved in the project Blue Bird. Finally it’s my turn to visit Nepal, with emphasis NMG. I feel it as a great privilege.

Support the education is one target. I also would like to find out how they in Nepal thinks about result-orientated and target work proceeds. Do they also works result-orientated?

I look forward to the visit to form an image myself and no longer having to do this from data of others.

I am looking forward to a learning period with the people of NMG and ECEC and seeing you soon.




I’m Marinda Stouten and I’m 29 years old. I live in a small village, called Bruinisse.
I am married and we have 2 children: Evi is 4 years and Mees is almost 2 years old.
My hobbies are reading and listening to music. I also love to go on a holiday with my familiy.

I work this year  two days on the Kroeven Donk. On monday I am teacher of grades 7 and on tuesday I work as an ICT coordinator. I make sure that all the computers at school work well and I help the teachers to use the computers during the lessons.

I am very curious about the use of computers in Nepal. I would like to find out how you use the computers of and what I can bring with my knowledge.

For me it’s very exciting, because I’ve never been farther away than Europe. And even though I find it very difficult to be two weeks away from my family, I’m really looking forward to the trip! I am very curious what I’m going to learn and what I will discover.






I feel very lucky that I am given the chance to visit NMG.

I’d like to introduce myself:

My name is Els Kerstens and I am 55 years old. I have a son, Kibett, who is 11 years old.

I am working as a teacher at the Mytylschool Roosendaal for almost 2 years now and I am teaching in the age group 12 up to 19 years old. Before I started working at the Mytylschool, I was living and working in Kenya for 13 years. In Kenya I was a teacher and the director of The Netherlands School Society in Nairobi. It was a primary school for children with very different backgrounds in an International setting.

Every child is unique, making education together and learning from each other; those keywords are very important for me and remain a challenge.

I am looking forward to visit NMG and ECEC and to meet the children, teachers and directors. I am curious how the children experience school in Nepal. I hope we can learn from each other and that we can endorse what the previous group has started up.

Of course I also hope to experience something more of your culture and nature.

With kind regards,












Hello again,

After  a great time at NMG and in Kathmandu last february , I am very happy having the opportunity to go to Nepal once more. This time as ‘the one who have already been there’.

I love to tell my colleagues about what we’ve seen and done.

I hope to talk with Shoba and Bimal about the new developments in the school  and in the special needs group. To hear about the NMG-kids in secondary. And to discuss the Nepalese and the Durch approach of educational items.

I am looking forwards to see alle the people we’ve met in spring 🙂





I am Ascania van Dijk .I am 28 years old. I work for the Kroevendonk, a primary school in Roosendaal. I am a teacher there. This year I have group 7,  a group with 17 children in the age of 10 or 11 years old. I am also the sports coordinator at the Kroevendonk.

I live in Bergen op Zoom with my husband Vincent and my cat DJ. When I am not working, I sing and play the piano. But my biggest hobby is to  play in an act on stage.

When I am in Nepal I hope to learn more about their teaching methods. I also hope we tell and mea by  teach them something  about the education we provide for our children in Holland. I would also like to find out if they have a sport education in Nepal or that sport is integrated in their education curriculum and how they do this. What kind of materials do they have and how do they play in their schoolyard. I hope it will be a very educational trip for me.





My name is Ben Schapendonk, married and the father of two boys.

I work at the mytylschool Roosendaal, more then 10 years now, as a ambulatory teacher and coach. This means that I help children with motor disabilities or a long-term or chronic disease, so they can stay at a regular school. In order to achieve this I also coach and train the teachers and recommend adjustments in the schoolorganisation.  As a (former) physical education teacher I have a special interest in motor skills, motoric development and sports. I look forward to see and experience how the children on NMG and other Nepalese schools learn and play. I am also very curious to original Nepalese games and sports.

I also hope to learn a lot about your nature and culture, which is so different than here in the Netherlands.

See you soon.



  1. By: Daisy on 11 oktober 2012 at 07:56      Beantwoorden

    goede vlucht naar Nederland zondagochtend


  2. By: daisy on 10 oktober 2012 at 15:26      Beantwoorden

    leuke foto`s allemaal

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